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  • Xikote and Guetto Productions Sell 'Divas Do Kuduro' Album

    Luanda — Xikote and Guetto productions last Sunday in the Independence Square, in Luanda, sold the Cd entitled "Divas do Kuduro", which features fifteen female kuduro music singers.

    Speaking to ANGOP, Cláudio Alberto, who is part of the executive staff of the project, also known by the artistic name "Killa Mu", stressed that this album comes to contribute to the promotion of Angolan culture and unite female singers of this style.

    The album has sixteen tracks and had the participation of singers like...

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  • Top 10 countries where kuduro is most successful

    Let's interest about the evolution of kuduro around the world. Our analysis is based on the smartests tools to identify web trends. We wanted to know if our visitors come from countries where kuduro raises the most crowds.

    There's top ten:

    1.   Angola,
    2.   Italy
    3.   Brazil
    4.   Equador
    5.   Turkey
    6.   Argentina
    7.   Peru
    8.   Portugal
    9.   Romania
    10. Mexico
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  • meets Puro Wi

     English - Born in 1980 in Luanda, Puro Wi grew in the district of Ingombota ( Mutamba). The artist began to compose of the music in 1996 at the age of 17. A meeting with the music through a group of funk named Claudinho e Buchecha. In contuation, a musical career by recording  different themes in differents styles. This experience brought him to conclude the fact that the stage was his way of life. He decided to begin to sing the kuduro when he moved in Lisbon to defend the roots of the kuduro. We count some titles which meet  success, what led to us to meet this exceptional man.

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