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  • Musicians Told to Be Careful With Lyrics

    CensoredLuanda - Angolan musicians and students defended Thursday in Luanda, the need of artists to assess and be more careful with the content of the lyrics of their songs, with attention to the rescue of moral and civic values.

    This view was supported when they were asked to comment on the messages of some songs, mostly in the Kuduro style, whose lyrics are obscene and violate good moral of the Angolan society.

    Singer Dog Murras advised his colleagues as opinion makers to evaluate the content of their lyrics, given the loss of moral values in the society.

    Speaking to ANGOP, Dog Murras deplored the fact that these songs are played in children parties or places much visited by children.

    According to the artist, taking into account the years of peace the country is enjoying, musicians should begin to realise their role as opinion makers, because certain people have music as inspiration for behavioural change.

    In his turn, Margareth do Rosario suggested that that the Ministry of Culture should be stricter on this.

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  • Singer Cabo Snoop Presents CD "Bluetooth"

    Cabo Snoop - BluetoothLuanda — Angolan singer Cabo Snoop, pseudonym of Ivo Manuel de Lemos, presented on the 27th of November, at the Independence Square, in Luanda, his first CD entitled "Bluetooth". In a press release, the author (one of the ten finalists of the Top ten music contest, 2010 edition) stated that Bluetooth is the title of the album, due to the way the song "Windeck" was divulged.

    The album has 14 tracks a mixture of Kuduro with musical rhythms and was produced by Power House.

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  • Dj Sótão Releases First CD

    Dj SotaoLuanda — The Angolan singer Celso Freitas Sotto Mayor with a stage name of "DJ Sótão" will make available to fans his first discography work intituled Rhythms and Logic on Saturday at Independence Square in Luanda.

    According to a press note that reached Angop, the 13-song album was edited in Portugal and brings to public varied sound style likes Kuduro, Afro-Dance and Kwassa. The CD includes music such as "Sentido Silencio", "Me segura", "Eu sou moço direito", "Tarado", "Tá se sentir moça"...

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  • Singer Dog Murras Release New CD

    Dog MurrasDog Murras, will release on Sunday his sixth album entitled "Angolanidade" at Luanda's Independence Park, four years after he delivered the last.

    The project consists of a DVD with 10 new video clips and seven old ones, as well as a 12-track CD.

    The album was produced in Angola by B MAX Produções firm. Speaking at a press conference, the singer said the CD counted on the special participation of Angolan youths and is sung in the music styles Kazukuta, Kuduro, Semba, Kizomba and Funk-Kuduro. Dog Murras was born in Luanda on February 17, 1977. He has been singing for about 15 years.

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  • Kuduro Music Conquers Singaporean Children

    Singapore — Angolan athletes participating in Singapore Games showed dance steps of Kuduru during visits paid to some schools of that Asian country, where the popular style is s success among children.

    During the social programme, Angolan female teams of handball, basketball and swimming, showed in a harmonised manner the style which has already become a very popular dance in Angola.

    At the end of the session, the athletes signed many autographs and handed over gifts like books, manuals and t-shirts.


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