Kuduro.tv Launches New Facebook Fanpage and Facebook Video Sharing Application

Luanda — Kuduro.tv has launched a new Facebook Fanpage and Facebook Application which enables website fans to view videos and listen to the popular music from Angola on Facebook.


The new Facebook page contains information about the origins of Angola music and the different types of music such as:

  • Kizomba
  • Semba
  • R&B
  • Hip Hop 
  • Kuduro from Angola and any part of the world.

Kuduro.tv plans to use the Facebook fan page to inform fans of video and news updates to the website as well as allow fans to post comments on page.  Engagement has been going up and people are clicking the Like button as the fan page grows in popularity.

The fan page also contains information on the latest news of Angola musicians’ new album releases and appearances in areas such as Luanda and Paris, with appearance time and events schedules as well as information on the type of even taking place. 

Fans are encouraged to add the Kuduro.tv application to their profiles in order to watch the music videos directly on their wall.  Participation has been very positive in the short amount of time the fan page has been live on Facebook.

The Kuduro.tv Facebook fan page is the only fan page on Facebook which plays videos exclusively for the Angolan music and the Kuduro genre. 

Kuduro is a type of dance where, typically, like Ragga, some forms of hiphop, and other afro-based musics, the female dancer protrudes her derriere and swings it sensuously to the rhythm of the hard-hitting Kuduro beat.

Kuduro is very popular across the former Portuguese colonies in Africa, as well as in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal due to the large number of Angolan immigrants.

Visit the Facebook fan page now:


Get the Facebook video sharing application:


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