Batida - Bazuka

This time, we dived into the archives of RTP Africa. The idea was to select images that illustrate the hidden story behind "Bazuka", the track that started "Dance Mwangolé". We hand-picked and mixed historical footage, with some contemporary images we collected over the last years. The need to make this video increased, because most people couldn..t get the minimal story behind "Bazuka". So here it is: "Bazuka" is based on the testimony of a popular in our documentary "É Dreda Ser Angolano", who raises an unanswered question: "Who drafted me?". He was "drafted" as a child, or recruited and forced to fight in war, got lost from his family and survived with serious health problems. We found him in Luanda in 2005. He has a name. He is the unknown soldier of the Colonial and Civil War in Angola. Has "got two pieces of shrapnel from the war, in his head" and faces a new battle everyday: The survival in time of peace. "Ya. That..s all i have to say."
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