Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (BaBaBa)

Co-Produced by Buraka Som Sistema featuring Stereotyp. Video Directed by João Pedro Moreira and Carlos Afonso. 'Hangover (BaBaBa)' is out on June 6th on Enchufada including remixes from Tony Senghore, Swick and Oui' Wack.The track's maddeningly catchy 'BaBaBa' hook originated when the group were in Rangel 'City' in Luanda, Angola, visiting some of their favourite Kuduro producers including DJ Znobia. As Buraka's Kalaf Ângelo remembers, "He played us one of his tracks featuring Nacobeta, a local MC, where he used this hook and it immediately got our attention! We then used it in some of our early shows and the crowd loved it because of its simplicity and raw energy. While working on the new album, the beat we produced with Stereotyp had that same energy so it made perfect sense to bring it back for the chorus and close the cycle.
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