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  • Singer Noite E Dia Presents "Roleta Russa"

    Luanda — The Angolan kuduro style singer, Noite e Dia, has released to the public 10,000 copies of her fourth CD entitled "Roleta Russa" during a session she used to sell and sign autographs at the Independence Square.

    Speaking to the press, Noite e Dia said "Roleta Russa" means life and death, adding that "in this CD I am alive and living, enjoying the moments that life can offer me."

    The CD has 10 tracks and has received the participation of Angolan singers Puto Lilas, Sabrosa, Própria Lixa and comedian Calado Show.

    Source | Copyright © 2010 Angola Press Agency
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  • Matadidid Mário Sells New Album

    Luanda — Angolan singer Matadidi Mário Muana Kitoko, will be on Sunday, 31, at the Independence Park, in Luanda, to sell and autograph his latest solo album entitled "Masikilo".

    In an interview to ANGOP, a source with the singer said Matadidi will return to the venue to satisfy demand of fans that did not purchase the album at the first session.

    The album with 14 tracks, has songs sung in Portuguese, French and vernacular language Lingala. Symphony Orchestra of Cuba and members of Maravilha Band also participated in recording the album. Salsa, bolero, samba and kuduro are the music genres that the musician selected for the new work. The first sale session of the album happened on July 17, at the same venue.

    Born in the northern Uíge Province, Matadidi Mário started his music career aged 19, with the OK JAZZ orchestra, in Kinshasa (DR Congo).

    Source | Copyright © 2010 Angola Press Agency
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  • Palhaço Santola Releases Debut CD

    Luanda — The Angolan singer Palhaço Santola released on Sunday his first album entitled "Paraíso é verde" in Luanda's independence square.

    Speaking to Angop, the artist said that the CD is comprised by 10 tracks and they are sung in the music styles of semba, kuduro, sungura and funk.

    He said that the album counted on the participation of the producers Bibilack and Dj Nask, as well as Angolan singers Gege Cuia Bue and Marlene Jucula Messo.

    Born in Luanda, the singer started singing when he was 18 years old.

    Source | Copyright © 2010 Angola Press Agency
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  • Vagabanda Group Releases "Nirvana" CD

    Os VagabandaLuanda - The Vagabanda group released this Sunday in Luanda the album entitled "Nirvana", at a session of selling and signing of autographs at the Independence Square.
    According to the group's producer, the musician Laton, 10,000 copies of the 15-tracked kuduro CD were released in a first phase. According to Laton, the album reflects social and daily life messages, a means of motivation and encouraging youths towards a social spirit, also transmitting positive words of peace and nationalism. Recorded in Angola, the CD counted on the participation of musicians such as Daniel do Nascimento, Laton and of the "Nirvanas" group.

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