Top 10 countries where kuduro is most successful

Let's interest about the evolution of kuduro around the world. Our analysis is based on the smartests tools to identify web trends. We wanted to know if our visitors come from countries where kuduro raises the most crowds.

There's top ten:

1.   Angola,
2.   Italy
3.   Brazil
4.   Equador
5.   Turkey
6.   Argentina
7.   Peru
8.   Portugal
9.   Romania
10. Mexico
  • Luis Carlos Banned

    Hello Agata,

    It's true, in France kuduro is every where. We follow the news with Tchiriri and Dança Kuduro that were very successful in France. Also, there's a lot of artists like G-Tonix, Les Princes du Kuduro… But still behind Italy where they look for Afro House even if there's not italian artists like in France.

    Thank you for your comment. Keep in touch.

  • Agata

    I had no idea that italy liked kuduro but i think u missed out france
    its every were!

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