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  • Singer Bruno M Hails Holding of Top Kuduro2011

    Luanda — The Angolan singer Bruno M, who won the first edition of the Top Kuduro 2009, praised on Saturday in Luanda the organisers for the holding of this event.

    Speaking to Angop, the artist congratulated the organisers and he expressed his satisfaction at the event as it divulges the Angolan culture.

    Speaking about the evolution of this music style in the country, the singer said that it evolved, but the singers should work more on its harmony, melody and lyrics.

    According to him, the message of this music style should be positive by avoiding use of immoral message.

    Top Kuduro is promoted by the state-run Escola radio broadcasting station.

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  • Musicians Yola Semedo, Yuri Da Cunha Win Voice of Year Prize

    Luanda — Angolan artist Yola Semedo won the Female Voice of the Year trophy during the "Top Rádio Luanda" 2010, contest, where the singer Yuri da Cunha also held the category of Male Voice of the Year.

    Yola also won Kizomba of the Year prize at awarding gala that took place Friday night at Belas' Conference Centre, in Luanda.

    Also received the prize were Lioth Kassoma (Gospel artist of the year), Kumbi Lixia (Folcloric group of the year), Gizela Silva (female revelation voice), C4 Pedro (male revelation voice and Ballad of the year), Phathar Mak (Rapper of the year), Cabo Snoop (Kuduro of the year), Margareth do Rosário and Pérola (Kianda prize), Puto Português (Semba of the year), the duo Walter and Nicol Ananaz (Kianda prize), as well as Yuri da Cunha, Bonga, as casas Terça Festa, Casa 70, Casa Jabumba and Ls Produções publishing house (all received Kianda prize for Cultural action). In the last category (Disco of the year) was appointed the singer Puto Português 

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  • Vagabanda Group Releases "Nirvana" CD

    Os VagabandaLuanda - The Vagabanda group released this Sunday in Luanda the album entitled "Nirvana", at a session of selling and signing of autographs at the Independence Square.
    According to the group's producer, the musician Laton, 10,000 copies of the 15-tracked kuduro CD were released in a first phase. According to Laton, the album reflects social and daily life messages, a means of motivation and encouraging youths towards a social spirit, also transmitting positive words of peace and nationalism. Recorded in Angola, the CD counted on the participation of musicians such as Daniel do Nascimento, Laton and of the "Nirvanas" group.

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  • Palhaço Santola Releases Debut CD

    Luanda — The Angolan singer Palhaço Santola released on Sunday his first album entitled "Paraíso é verde" in Luanda's independence square.

    Speaking to Angop, the artist said that the CD is comprised by 10 tracks and they are sung in the music styles of semba, kuduro, sungura and funk.

    He said that the album counted on the participation of the producers Bibilack and Dj Nask, as well as Angolan singers Gege Cuia Bue and Marlene Jucula Messo.

    Born in Luanda, the singer started singing when he was 18 years old.

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