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  • Fans Vibrate to Rhythm of Big Nelo, C4 Pedro and Bruna Tatiana Music

    Huambo — About 1,850 fans vibrated in the early hours of Monday to the rhythm of the music presented by Big Nelo, C4 Pedro and Bruna Tatiana, during a show at the pavilion of Petro in central Huambo province.

    The show that took about two hours had the participation of local singers like Nwo Negro and Kuduro group, California...

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  • Bruno M ends career due to his academic training.

    Bruno MBruno M announced Thursday in Shanghai, People's Republic of China, a halt to his artistic activity in order to devote himself exclusively to his academic training.

    Speaking to ANGOP, the singer said that he will put an end to his career by next year, adding that it is not easy to manage two things at the same time. Bruno M said that he is studying third year of Law at the Independent University in Luanda, and said it was difficult to reconcile the study of this area of knowledge, with the musician, even in his capacity of interpreter, composer and producer of his own songs. 

    According to the singer, he would not let the music definitely. "Music is much attached to my soul because I feel good singing. I just want to stand back a little bit of the professional world of music as it is too turbulent to some extent".

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  • Singer Noite E Dia Presents "Roleta Russa"

    Luanda — The Angolan kuduro style singer, Noite e Dia, has released to the public 10,000 copies of her fourth CD entitled "Roleta Russa" during a session she used to sell and sign autographs at the Independence Square.

    Speaking to the press, Noite e Dia said "Roleta Russa" means life and death, adding that "in this CD I am alive and living, enjoying the moments that life can offer me."

    The CD has 10 tracks and has received the participation of Angolan singers Puto Lilas, Sabrosa, Própria Lixa and comedian Calado Show.

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  • Finalists of Top Kuduro Presented

    Luanda — The ten finalists of "Top kuduro 2011" contest organized by "Rádio Escola" was presented Friday in a ceremony which counted on performance of various artists.

    Among Kuduristas (dancers ) that dispute categories first kuduro do ano, second best production and best lyrics, are singers Cabo Snoop, Tuga Agressiva and Própria Lixa, dueto Negro 5 e Chupetinha, Dj Dorivaldo Mix, Zoca Zoca, Chefe Unagrau and The Beste Minho.

    The selected artists will pass through a voting process from the public by mobile phone message system, as well as some criteria such as composition of song, harmony and melody.

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