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  • Finalists of Top Kuduro Presented

    Luanda — The ten finalists of "Top kuduro 2011" contest organized by "Rádio Escola" was presented Friday in a ceremony which counted on performance of various artists.

    Among Kuduristas (dancers ) that dispute categories first kuduro do ano, second best production and best lyrics, are singers Cabo Snoop, Tuga Agressiva and Própria Lixa, dueto Negro 5 e Chupetinha, Dj Dorivaldo Mix, Zoca Zoca, Chefe Unagrau and The Beste Minho.

    The selected artists will pass through a voting process from the public by mobile phone message system, as well as some criteria such as composition of song, harmony and melody.

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  • Kelly Rowland Wants to Learn Country's Kuduro Style

    Luanda — The North American singer Kelly Rowland said Saturday, in Luanda, that she intends to learn to sing and dance the Angolan Kuduro (music and dance), during her stay in Angola.

    The US artist is in Luanda since last Friday for a concert on Sunday, in the ambit of the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the mobile phone company Unitel...


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  • Musicians Told to Be Careful With Lyrics

    CensoredLuanda - Angolan musicians and students defended Thursday in Luanda, the need of artists to assess and be more careful with the content of the lyrics of their songs, with attention to the rescue of moral and civic values.

    This view was supported when they were asked to comment on the messages of some songs, mostly in the Kuduro style, whose lyrics are obscene and violate good moral of the Angolan society.

    Singer Dog Murras advised his colleagues as opinion makers to evaluate the content of their lyrics, given the loss of moral values in the society.

    Speaking to ANGOP, Dog Murras deplored the fact that these songs are played in children parties or places much visited by children.

    According to the artist, taking into account the years of peace the country is enjoying, musicians should begin to realise their role as opinion makers, because certain people have music as inspiration for behavioural change.

    In his turn, Margareth do Rosario suggested that that the Ministry of Culture should be stricter on this.

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  • At Least 10 Contenders Qualify for Top Kuduro 2011

    Luanda — Singers Própria Lixa, Cabo Snoop and Zoca Zoca are among 10 contenders that qualified for 2011 edition of Top Kuduro music contest, promoted by Rádio Escola broadcast station.

    According to a member of the organisers, Ikuma Bamba said to Angop that the list also includes Dj Dorivaldo, The Best Minho, Negro 5 nd Chupetinha, Destino Terrível/Rodrigão, Tuga Agressiva, Pache Ló, as well as Chefe Unagrau.

    Ikuma Bamba informed that the winner will be announced in a gala to take place at Luanda's Atlântico cinema on 29 October with performance of the 10 finalists.

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