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  • Angola: Kuduro Singer Cabo Snoop Sings At Channel O Gala

    Luanda — Kuduro singer Cabo Snoop will perform at Channel O Music Video Awards 2011, happening on November 11, at Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.

    According to a statement that ANGOP had access to, the Angolan artist will also compete for the Best Male Video, the same category in which the South African L-Tido is also competing...
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  • The french touch is back again!

    Paris - Frederic Galiano and his Kuduro Sound System just released a new song called "1,2,3 Sempre Tabater". As he usually does, he went to the source looking for talented artists from Angola and got new fresh generation of "kuduristas".
    For the one who doesn't know, Frederic worked already with the creator of the kuduro mister Tony Amado. The french guy is trying to show the kuduro to the world but in cooperation with the best artists from Luanda.

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  • Dj Sótão Releases First CD

    Dj SotaoLuanda — The Angolan singer Celso Freitas Sotto Mayor with a stage name of "DJ Sótão" will make available to fans his first discography work intituled Rhythms and Logic on Saturday at Independence Square in Luanda.

    According to a press note that reached Angop, the 13-song album was edited in Portugal and brings to public varied sound style likes Kuduro, Afro-Dance and Kwassa. The CD includes music such as "Sentido Silencio", "Me segura", "Eu sou moço direito", "Tarado", "Tá se sentir moça"...

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  • Kuduro Music Conquers Singaporean Children

    Singapore — Angolan athletes participating in Singapore Games showed dance steps of Kuduru during visits paid to some schools of that Asian country, where the popular style is s success among children.

    During the social programme, Angolan female teams of handball, basketball and swimming, showed in a harmonised manner the style which has already become a very popular dance in Angola.

    At the end of the session, the athletes signed many autographs and handed over gifts like books, manuals and t-shirts.


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  • Puto Cossa prepares Release of CD

    Luanda — Angolan Kuduro music style singer, "Puto Cossa", based in Lisbon, Portugal, Friday said he is making arrangements to release his second Compact Disk entitled "Kudutronica progressiva".

    Puto CossaSpeaking to Angop in Lisbon, the singer, manager of the music group "Pânico da Zona" said that he has already a promotional single of the CD, comprising four tracks, being much appreciated in Portugal, reaching Angola very soon.

    In order to release his CD, he said, he will travel to Angola in September, where he will participate in several radio and television programmes and music shows.

    The 10-track album is being recorded in "Regi" studio, Lisbon, with the participation of fellow Angolan singers Rei Hélder, Puto Português, PrÃ'pria Lixa and DJ ZnÃ'bia.His first CD, entitled "Kuduro Brasil", was released in 2009.

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